What’s Your Song?

A Special Love Song tells your story in a unique and personal way. Your song may be given as a gift to surprise a loved one, or you and your significant other can contribute your story together so that your song is created exactly as you wish. Whether it’s for a holiday or personal occasion, your Special Love Song will last a lifetime!

Your Special Love Song can be used for any occasion, including:

  • Wedding (First Dance, Parent Dance, Reception Entrance)
  • Civil Union
  • Proposal / Engagement Party
  • Baby / Bridal Shower
  • Anniversary / Valentine’s Day
  • Sweet 16 / Monumental Birthday
  • Bar / Bat Mitzvah
  • Mother’s / Father’s Day
  • Special Achievement (Graduation, Promotion, Retirement)
  • …or for no reason but to say “I LOVE YOU.”

Check out our featured “Song of the Month” below!

Bina's friends surprised her at her baby shower with this comedic, advice-filled song for her "Little Bean," based on all of her idiosyncrasies. For years, Bina's friends have been calling her on her birthday to leave voicemails containing a Mariachi Band recording of "Feliz Navidad," simply because they know how much she can't stand Mariachi music! Therefore, they couldn't resist the opportunity to present her with this song!

“My friends and I decided that we wanted to do something extra special for a friend's upcoming baby shower. We thought it would be fun to have a song dedicated to her unborn child. But, being the little devils we are, we had to throw a little twist into the song and make sure we covered all of the "important things in life" according to the mom to be. Eric and Karen took our ideas and transformed them into a song that went way beyond our expectations. We couldn't have put it together ourselves. The first time I heard the demo, I laughed so hard I cried. It was perfect! Completely unexpected for her, hysterical for us. What a great way to truly surprise someone.“

— Rita G.