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Bina's friends surprised her at her baby shower with this comedic, advice-filled song for her "Little Bean," based on all of her idiosyncrasies. For years, Bina's friends have been calling her on her birthday to leave voicemails containing a Mariachi Band recording of "Feliz Navidad," simply because they know how much she can't stand Mariachi music! Therefore, they couldn't resist the opportunity to present her with this song!

“My friends and I decided that we wanted to do something extra special for a friend's upcoming baby shower. We thought it would be fun to have a song dedicated to her unborn child. But, being the little devils we are, we had to throw a little twist into the song and make sure we covered all of the "important things in life" according to the mom to be. Eric and Karen took our ideas and transformed them into a song that went way beyond our expectations. We couldn't have put it together ourselves. The first time I heard the demo, I laughed so hard I cried. It was perfect! Completely unexpected for her, hysterical for us. What a great way to truly surprise someone.“

—Rita G.

'Special Love Songs' and family wanted to give Karen's Mom her very own song. This video was presented at Mom's Surprise 60th Birthday party, to thank her for being a great Mom and to remind her of the most fun and loving times the family has shared together. The voices you hear in this song are Karen and Eric Seiz (SLS co-owners), Joe Verderese, Jr. and Joe Verderese, Sr. Click PLAY below to see how Special Love Songs turned Mom's story into her song!

“Despite the fact that this song was written and performed by my family, I want to tell you all what this Special Love Song meant to me. It was written by the co-owners, my daughter and son-in-law, along with Karen's brother for my Surprise 60th Bday party. Additionally, they were the vocalists and played the various instruments that you hear. EVERY word and EVERY photo were synced to perfection and they brilliantly captured a lifetime of family memories and sent me a special message of love that I will NEVER forget. I've been told that there wasn't a dry eye in the house, and after watching the video at least 2 dozen times, I still cry each and every time. This gift from their hearts is the best gift I could have ever asked for. I showed the video to people at work and friends who weren't at my party, and they all had to get tissues by the time it was over. Thank you again Karen and Eric for encompassing your talents and giving me a gift that I will cherish for the rest of my life!!!! I love you. Mom.“

—Carol Verderese

Daniel's parents wanted to give him an extra special gift for his Bar Mitzvah. This recording was played for Daniel and his guests at the reception, making for an unforgettable celebration! Click PLAY below to hear how Special Love Songs turned Daniel's story into his song!

“I admit that initially I couldn't imagine a "special love song" that wouldn't have my 13 year-old calling me the most embarrassing parent in the world. However, the finished project was perfect for a bar mitzvah boy. The lyrics were clever and funny and captured our son's personality perfectly. The music had a sound similar to rock songs my son enjoys listening to, so he thought it was "cool" to have a song written about him. My husband and I enjoyed reminiscing about our son in order to provide material for the songwriters. All in all, the process of writing the song to the finished product was a wonderful experience for our family to share during this very special time in our lives.“

—Gail Kanef

David wanted to surprise his wife, Sharon with a unique gift for their Wedding Anniversary. Click PLAY below to see how Special Love Songs turned their story into their song!

“You know you have given the perfect anniversary gift to your wife when tears start to flow. That is just what happened when Sharon heard her song for the first time…she was blown away! Sharon and I, along with all our friends, were just amazed at how you nailed our story. The lyrics and the arrangement were so well done that folks asked how I was able to get Frank's voice to sing this original song. I have to admit, some of my friends are unhappy with me for raising the bar because now their wives want their own song! Thank you for making it so easy for me to be the hero!“

—David Martin

Tracy and Danny recently became engaged! Tracy’s parents surprised them with a Special Love Song at their engagement party. Click PLAY below to see how Special Love Songs turned their story into their song!

“I love it, I love it, I love it! Tracy said it was the best gift ever and the song made Danny so happy. It brought tears to the eyes of all who watched this video. You two were so easy to work with. People are asking how it was done and who did it. I can't wait to tell everyone how simple you've made this process. Thank you so much for a beautiful tribute to their love story. You two are the best!“

—Rose Laiosa

The members of Morristown's Bethel A.M.E. Church surprised Reverend Sidney Williams with this Special Love Song at his One-Year Anniversary Celebration. Click PLAY below to see how Special Love Songs turned his story into his song!